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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Spirituality, what is it? It is many things to us, and yet it is a very powerful feeling, vibration, study, lifestyle. We have heard the hype around spirituality, and here are a few different words used – vibe, vibration, the secret, abundance. We have heard these words and more over and over that there is a movement towards finding the solution. What is spirituality? And more important, HOW do I live it!

Think for a moment – imagine you are a child again. Remember when you could imagine anything, like being a famous ballerina or some superhero. Imagine yourself in costume with the superhero costume or ballerina costume. The obsession or excitement, the joy, and feelings behind this kind of imagination. The child in us believed every part of this visual. They felt like that superhero or ballerina, and the feelings behind it were exciting, intense, and real.

How do I adopt the lifestyle?

We tend to skim our lives by barely touching on how to live it. We know what spirituality is, but we don’t know the-HOW to apply it!

When we think of living a life filled with mind and body wellness, we are going to think of it as a FAST! Fasting doesn’t have to be about food! It could be a Training Fast. 

Many of US TRY vs. TRAIN

  • Fasting is about centering yourself so that it spills out to every part of everything in your life. 

Ten Signs that you need to center yourself with spirituality and wellness:

  • Irritability 

  • Hypersensitivity 

  • Restlessness

  • Work alcoholism/nonstop activity

  • Emotional numbers

  • Out of order priorities

  • Lack of care for your body

  • Escapist behaviors

  • Slippage of spirituality practices

  • Isolation from others

  1. See the value – we live in a soul starved culture. We have a culture with an immense hunger towards a new vibration, a new way of thinking, a shift in consciousness, a shift towards spirituality, buddha, a Zen life, a new wellness lifestyle. What does it mean? It starts with awareness then practice every day, which leads to the power of incremental progress. 

  1. Seek Transformation – Not just information. Transformation penetrates within. You remember taking a spelling test in grammar school. You studied every day that week, until Friday when it was time to take that test. Then the next day, you put those words away and didn’t use them often or at all. Well, transformation happens when we apply the new concepts, new wisdom, and we train for our REPROGRAMING. How we train is by practicing every day little by little and then soak in it. 

  1. Soak Rather than Skim – Nobody learns a new process overnight! We can’t wake up and say; I am going to run a marathon today and then expect to run it without any training. We have to train every day and every week to prepare for the big run. The same is true for changing a habit and practicing spirituality. You have to soak in it, in the focus and training, for it to resonate. So Let’s get started on training by:

  1. Set realistic expectations – The power of incremental progress is great. Sustained progress can make a huge difference! Steady practice and training every day is monumental in changing one’s behavior and shifting the conscious with these new concepts or way of thinking. 

  1. Stay open to corrections – We all make mistakes. We are human, and that is part of growth. Mistakes are just another way to learn a lesson or move past an obstacle. And when we are reprogramming and shifting our way of thinking, mistakes are especially evident or more likely. SO if we stay open to corrections and we remind ourselves that it’s ok to make mistakes and make adjustments, then something wonderful happens: When we do this, we Soften our Hearts. 

How do we apply The Fast for shifting our consciousness and train to your every-day life? 


- When you have a negative thought when you have doubt seep in when you have fear settle- start by saying one thing: I have the power to change my thoughts and therefore change my behavior. 

-Wake every morning and meditate before your crazy day. Even if it just 5 minutes, to pray and ask for clarity and shift your MIND towards a positive attitude. The shift starts with GRATITUDE 

- Start your day with a list of ten things you will be grateful for today. That list is tangible and constructive, yet simple. It can be as simple as I am grateful that I am alive and healthy today. I am grateful that I have a job that pays me. 

- I will fill my bucket every day with one positive statement – I make one response to anyone, a stranger or a personal friend/family member, and say something positive. I love your hair. You are very smart, and I am lucky to have you. Our Joy and happiness come from giving and receiving, but it starts with the US. The vibration always returns it.

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